you may have heard voice search has been growing fast in 2018 in fact, by 2020 more than half of all searches will be voice search, so the question is how do you optimize your channel today for voice search, I’m going to answer that question exactly and it’s happening right now.  

The average voice search result has about 1,000 Facebook shares and 44 tweets, therefore, you want to make sure your video triggers a high engagement signal that means comments likes shares and mentions publishing valuable and highly shareable content may actually improve your chances of ranking as a voice search result.Voice search

Ones Google prefers concise and clear answers to voice search queries just to give you a benchmark the average google voice search result is written at a ninth grade level to aim for a simple description and titles. The average word count of a voice search result is about two and a half thousand words.

Google prefers voice search

Therefore, we know that Google prefers voice search answers from the longer form content you got about five thousand characters for your description section make sure utilize as much of it as possible, longer descriptions mean more opportunities for you to get a match on a voice search query so what’s your number one takeaway from this voice search strategy or perhaps you’ve got a question about how to implement everything we talked about here.

Did you know that by  “2021, early adopter brands that redesign their websites to support visual and voice search will increase digital commerce revenue by 30%. (With visual and voice search rapidly increasing in popularity and on the way to being dominant mobile search modes, enterprises should experiment to identify the best ways to capitalize on this consumer shift. This search type enables marketers to gather more robust information about consumer habits, and early responders will see an increase in conversion rates, revenue, new customers and customer satisfaction)”Voice search

Sample Of Voice Search

Now here is a quick comparison to understand the difference between text search and voice search suppose I want to know more about Steve Jobs now.

 if I have to do that by making a text query I will go to Google and simply Google out his name entering Steve Jobs but if I have to do the same by using voice queries I would be using or I would be saying something like who is Steve Jobs. You notice the difference in the accuracy of the results now that’s the beauty of voice search, a voice search simply takes all of the guesswork out of the searchingVoice search

The  popularity of voice search is rising by each passing day and here is an important metric that you need to consider voice and image searches are going to make at least 50% of all the searches by 2020 as for the merrymakers

Voice search has been gaining a great deal of recognition over the years. Even Google’s CEO during his Google I/O speech mentioned that voice search was driving twenty percent of all mobile and android searches.

A survey by MindMeld mentioned roughly sixty percent of users had said that they’d been using it.

And finally, voice search was even observed on Google Webmaster Tools workplace Hours once they mentioned adding voice search as one thing they might doubtless take into account for google search console.

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