There are more streaming devices out there than ever before. However, it is pretty safe to say that the Google Chromecast has led the way. It’s had more than a few iterations over the years, too, and if reports and leaks are to be believed, a whole new cast is coming our way in the very near future.

You can do all kinds of things on a Google Chromecast. Stream music, movies, even play live roulette or indoor games with friends and family. But what can we expect from the latest model, if leaks are indeed worth paying attention to?

The latest Chromecast buzz

The leaks for the latest Chromecast device are so strong that we have physical photos of the gadget. In a pearly white shell with a separate remote control, this is set to be the newest Google casting system since 2018’s third-gen release.

What’s different with this device is, it seems, it has Google TV built-in. Google TV is a brand new concept, and it has come a long way since its early days as Android TV. Chromecast, too, seems to be edging in on the market full of fancier products with built-in streaming packages.

Chromecast always was a little bare-bones compared to other streaming sticks, at least as years have gone by. This system is coming loaded up with the fantastic Google Assistant, as well as 4K resolution and Dolby Vision and Atmos.

That’s not all – if you’re a big fan of the Android TV apps of old, you’ll still be able to use them with the new Chromecast freely. What more could you possibly need from your streaming player?

Pricing and release

Naturally, many of us will be looking forward to release day for the new Chromecast. Chances are we won’t have too long to wait.

Current US estimates state that North America, at least, will be looking at a launch day of October 15th. It’s likely to be fairly similar in the UK and elsewhere.

You should expect to pay around £59.99 for the new Chromecast. That might seem like a hefty price to pay, but the Chromecast Ultra was similarly priced, if not more expensive, at launch. What’s more, it’s all worth it.

The new pebble-like Chromecast seems to have finally refined the often controversial looks that the stick has gone through over the years. From its beginnings as a simple cuboid to a plug-in circle, this latest look might just be enough to win over the crowds.

Will it Be worth it?

Google has rarely let us down with tech like this in the past. Chromecasts from generations ago are still working amazingly well to this day. This latest iteration is, of course, simple progression for Google, and for us home streamers, it’s going to make things even more convenient.

Of course, we will know more about what to expect, in time, once the device hits stores later this month. Will this change the streaming game for Google, or will there be teething problems? Fingers crossed it will avoid the functionality issues that have plagued their Pixel Buds as of late!

We love the Google Chromecast – and it’s time more people took advantage of it. We’re looking forward to seeing what Google TV brings to the table, too.

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